About Us

Who We Are

The primary operation at Flexform Ltd is cable manufacturing. This is focused on decorative flexible cables generally used within the lighting industry and for small power applications.

The origins of the company emerge from the industrial past in Northern Ireland with the founder Noel Harper, having been an electrical engineer working in the factories and mills that existed throughout the province in the 1960’s. Flexform Ltd Cable Engineering can be traced back to the foundation of E.J. Harper and Co in 1974. Whilst the Northern Irish textile industry was in decline and factories closed, some remaining markets appreciated the variety of colour and design that could be applied to textiles, none less than the lighting industry.


What We Do

Flexform, having already had production of flexible cables for some time, decided to expand into textile manufacturing, both in twisting, colouring and braiding of cables from 1mm to 40mm in both man made and natural yarns, including fibreglass. In addition, Flexform Cable Engineering extrude polymer insulations and overjacket in PVC, PE, PUR and PP, with associated printing and spooling from 10 mtrs to 1000 mtrs.

The bulk cable produced can be cut to length and prepared according to the customers specific requirements for lamps and pendants. Testing and identification is applied on and offline. Flexform are members of the LIA and have been certified in their quality assurance scheme to LIAQA status.


Bespoke Service

Flexform offer cord assembly with plug, inline switch and lampholder. We are compliant with UK, EU, AUS, NZ and USA standards for these assemblies.

Flexform are certified by UL to manufacture braided textile cables for use in the US and Canada. We are also certified to manufacture non-moulded power supply cords. Our file numbers can be found in the compliance section of the website.

We produce special constructions such as mains and LED cables, e.g. transparent flexibles, cable with metallic overbraiding in stainless steel or copper wire etc. Cables can incorporate aramid fibres or tensile steel suspension wires designed to support heavy pendant lighting structures or chandeliers without the need for an external wire rope or chain.

Flexform textile production is specialising in technical sewing threads, sash cords, ropes and rubber cored garage door buffer.