SIL-033 3 Core 0.75 sqmm Round Silicone Flexible Cable


Product Code: SIL-003

Product Description

Multicore silicone flex suitable for use on pendants, table and floor lamps, wall and ceiling light fittings. This product is a 3 core 0.75mm2 round silicone cable, suitable for Class I fittings.

This cable can also be braided in over 70 colours, to cater for all of your design needs. See colour chart for available colour and pattern options. All patterns can be reproduced in any colour combination.





SIL-033 Harpers

Product Specification

Description Value
Voltage Rating (Uo/U): 300/500 V
Working Temperature: 180 °C
Conductor Size: 3 x 0.75 mm2
Conductor Stranding: 24 x 0.20 mm
Outer Diameter: 6.8 ± 0.2 mm
Product Code: SIL-033


Cable Standards:
EN 50525-2-83.
Low Voltage European Directive No. 2014/35/UE.

Stranding of Conductor:
Tin-plated copper conductor

180 °C Silicone insulation and sheath

Cable Assembly:
The cores are twisted together.

Core Identification:
3 Core: Brown, Blue and Green/Yellow

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