CCF-035 Round 3C 1.50 sqmm FEP/PVC Crystal Clear Flex

Product Code: CCF-035

Product Description

Crystal Clear FEP/PVC flex designed for use on multicore electrical applications such as lighting, extractor fans etc. This product is a 3 core 1.50 mm2 clear round flex which has a co-extruded line for identification on each conductor.  








Harpers CCF-035

Product Specification

Description Value
Voltage Rating: 300/300 Vac
Temperature Range (Inner Insulation Only): 180 °C
Temperature Range (Outer Insulation Only): 90 °C
Conductor Size: 3 x 1.50 mm2
Conductor Stranding: 19 x 0.32 mm
Outer Diameter: 6.1 ± 0.2 mm
Product Code: CCF-035


Cable Standards:
DIN VDE 0250 – part 106: 1982-10
DIN VDE 0207 – part 6: 2004-10
EN 50525-2-11:2011 as far as applicable
Low Voltage European Directive No. 2014/35/UE.

Stranding of Conductor:
Concentric flexible tinned copper conductor.

180 °C FEP insulation.

Cable Assembly:
The cores are twisted together.

Core Identification:
3 or more cores contain a coextruded coloured line for identification.
3 Core = Transparent + Transparent + Green

Outer Sheath:
Clear 90 °C PVC sheath.

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